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Survival Pantry: Definitive Preppers Guide to Food and Water Storage, Canning, and Preservation (Prepper Survival Pantry - Can your own Food, Store Water.
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If you went through that first list and were a little surprised not to see freeze-dried anything, there is a reason for that. Freeze-dried foods deserve their own special section. They are foods that you can only buy commercially packaged. So how are freeze dried foods different from other dried foods?

Long Term Food Storage: Creative Solutions to Build a Critical Asset

Basically, they are flash frozen. This process allows the food to retain more nutritional value than the canning or drying process. It also keeps the food pretty close to its original look and flavor once it has been reconstituted with a little water.

Canned Foods With Longest Shelf Life For Prepping

In fact, it takes less water to bring a freeze-dried food back to its original appearance than it does dehydrated foods. In a post-disaster situation, this is a very big deal when water is scarce. The only drawback to freeze-dried food is the cost. This tends to be a deciding factor for many preppers.

In this book you will;

There are a ton of freeze-dried meals, like beef stroganoff or chicken teriyaki, that come in cans or pouches. Mountain House even makes emergency food buckets that come with a variety of meals. If you do buy freeze-dried food, keep in mind the servings per can are based on a calorie-specific diet. The servings are probably going to be significantly smaller than your average meal today. Or better yet, you could make your own. There are several tricks that will make your food storage a success.

In addition to learning these food storage tips, you also need to learn these food storage mistakes. Just look for ways to save money elsewhere and do what you can. You should also consider starting a garden and preserving whatever food it produces. Or if you have neighbors that are always offering you their excess produce, accept it and preserve it, too. Canning is an excellent way to preserve everything from fruits and veggies to your favorite soups and stews. There are literally hundreds of canning and preserving recipes out there. There is something really satisfying about canning food for your family to eat.

You know you are packing it with love as well as making sure they are only getting the good stuff. To can food at home, you will need some basic supplies. It will pay for itself very quickly. The following list includes the things you will want to start looking for.

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If you buy a used canner, make sure the seal around the inside of the lid is in good shape. Any nicks or signs of wear means you are going to need to replace the seal. Investing in a canning guide that provides you with all the important details as well as recipes is a very good idea. The pressure canner is going to be your biggest investment. You can get away with using a waterbath canner for fruits, but that is it. A waterbath canner is basically a large pot.

The fruits, jams, and jellies are boiled for about 10 minutes in the jars and then they are safe to put on the shelf. Fruits are high in acid, which kills off the bacteria. Home canning is fairly straightforward. It generally involves picking fresh produce when the fruit is ripe and juicy and when the veggies are crisp. The produce is thoroughly washed before the blooms are cut away, and a blanching process is used for veggies to stop bacteria growth. Blanching is where you boil the vegetables in water for a few minutes before dunking them in an ice bath for the same amount of time.

Anything else you prepare at home, like chili, soup, or even meat can be put into a glass jar and processed in your pressure canner. You will be amazed at how quickly you can fill your shelves with just a single day of canning. I recommend checking out this step-by-step canning guide at SimplyCanning. Dehydrating foods is another great option. The process removes moisture from the food to keep it from growing bacteria. Dehydrating is a method that has been around for centuries, but it is much easier and safer for us nowadays with the benefit of electric dehydrators.

Fruits, veggies, meats and spices can all be dried and safely stored on the shelf for years. There are hundreds of dehydrating recipes to try.

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To dehydrate your food, you will need to wash and dry it thoroughly before slicing it into very thin strips. However, with a thin strip, you run the risk of the food becoming crunchy and falling apart when handled. Dehydrating food is something that takes practice, so you might want to consider getting a dehydrator cookbook to help you along the way.

You will quickly get the hang of cutting certain fruits, veggies, and meat. Skip the non-dairy creamers made of hydrogenated oils and use powdered milk instead. Powdered Milk. The best milk to buy at the grocery stores if it's available is Bob's RedMill Dry Milk powder, pictured right. However for economical value, b uy dehydrated powdered mil k by t he bucket a nd in 10 cans as it will have the longest shelf life.

Whey powder. You know that Little Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey, and so should you.

20 Foods with Long Shelf Lives that Last for the Long Term

In cheese making, curds are the thick part of the milk that's separated from the liquid when the milk turns sour. Whey is the watery part that's cloudy and yellowish. Whey is highly nutritious! Bob's Red Mill offers an all natural whey protein concentrate. Whey contains a high quality complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids required by the body for strength and muscle development. It is a great way of increasing protein intake without adding excessive carbohydrates and fat.

It dissolves instantly so it 's great for making high protein shakes and smoothies. In survival times, mix it with dehydrated milk for an extra f rothy and satisfying nutrient! So while this isn't the first thing that will fly off the shelves in the event of a crisis, it's one Happy Preppers should have on their list. Eggs and Powdered eggs. Lo ok also to Harmony House for freeze dried egg powders a s well as Honeyville Farms for powdered eggs in 10 cans.

Eggs generally can last a long time and don't need to be refrigerated , however having egg powders on hand is peace of mind.

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Waxed hard cheeses are not so easy to find, but they are available, and Parmesan , swiss, sharp cheddar or Gouda encased in wax is a very "Gouda" thing to find! Wax prevents cheese from growing mold and bacteria, and it also keeps moisture in your cheese, so it can store for a very long time without refrigeration. Parmesan is a hard cheese, and in the powder form has a four month expiration date, but encased in wax it can last up to 25 years! Consider buying cheese wax and even a basic hard cheese kit to make your own delicious cheeses.

Wax will keep hard cheeses moist during the aging process, and also prevent unwanted mold growth on your aging cheeses. Here's more about prepper cheese. Right is canned processed cheese from Bega! Ideal for a bug out bag, food bars are compact nutrition and should be part of your everyday food storage.

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Sure, some food bars are a sort of cross between chocolate candy bars and vitamins, others more of a granola, but they are often high in protein. Food bars can provide a satisfaction for a morning meal or an addition to your other rations.

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  • Look for coconut bars too! Another food bar that often goes under the radar with Prepper's but shouldn't is Pemmican, pictured below, which contains complete protein and gives energy. Free of isolates, fructose, sugar and cholesterol, Pemmican is a concentrated food bar that offers quick energy. What's the 1 food to hoard? The best prepper protein source is meat. Go for the jerky! If you had to stockpile just one kind of food you'd want to stockpile meat in cans.

    Go ahead and Tune-in to the tuna. Stack up on the Dak! Man must eat meat! When possible, look for grass-fed meats, like Yoder's brand. Canned salmon, canned sardines, canned mackerel and canned tuna are rich in necessary Omega 3 oils.