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A beaver is a hardworking animal, known for building dams in water. You might also possess the hardworking qualities of the beaver and feel at home in your emotional life right now. The beaver can also represent someone close to you whom you admire for his beaver-like qualities.

Your bed is your place of retreat and rest, and where you engage in physical and emotional intimacy with another person. If you dream you are in your bed, this is a dream about intimacy. Notice if you are alone or with another. What you are doing in the dream? Think about where in your life you are longing for greater intimacy.

In the bedroom you dream, rest, and restore yourself, and experience romantic, physical, and emotional intimacy.

Think about the emotional and romantic relationships in your life when you dream of being in your bedroom. Your dream may be letting you know whether or not your needs for intimacy and connection are being satisfied. Even dreams of sex are often dreams about unexpressed desire for greater intimacy with someone rather than the physical act of sexual intercourse. Bees are industrious creatures who live in colonies and have common goals.

If you dream of bees, you may desire to have a greater common purpose with others in your life. Or, you may recognize qualities you associate with bees in yourself or another person. If the bees are stinging you, your subconscious is asking you to wake up to something in your life that needs to change. If you dream of a beggar, notice how you treat this person. Your dream shows how you feel about your weak side. Are you kind to him? If so, it most likely means you are good to yourself. If you dream about a beheading, notice who the victim is.

If another person is being beheaded, you are trying to get rid of some qualities you associate with the other person that you see in yourself as well.

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Beheading dreams can also be past-life dreams. Hearing the sound of a bell in a dream may mean unexpected good news is on its way. If you hear bells at a distance, you may hear from someone far away or from your past. If you dream of a joyous bell ringing, expect happy communication. If you dream you are sitting on a bench, there may be a situation in your life where you feel you are sidelined and out of the action. Think about where you are procrastinating in your life and not getting into the action — make the necessary changes.

If you dream you are riding on a bicycle you believe you can accomplish what you want under your own power. Your own hard work will get you where you want to go. A bicycle also requires balance, so you may be feeling balanced in your life now. Often in dreams you see things bigger than they are in normal, waking life.

When something or someone is big in a dream, it indicates that this person or situation looms large in your thoughts, emotions, or actions.

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If you are bigger in your dreams than in your waking life, you may be growing as a person. Your dream is using the symbol of size to acknowledge that development. The appearance of a bird in a dream could indicate you wish to be free, to fly away, or to flee from something. Because birds fly through air, when you dream of a bird you may be receiving messages about detaching from a situation so you can see it from another angle or perspective.

As with all animals, you have your own personal connotations to birds. In many cultures, birds can be spiritual symbols. Among certain Native American tribes, an eagle symbolizes spiritual knowledge. If the bird you dream about is very colorful and has beautiful plumage, you might be feeling particularly attractive. If you dream of a bird such as a peacock, you may have pride of accomplishment or think someone you know is stuck up.

Dreaming of a mythical bird such as a phoenix may portend a rebirth in your life.

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Birthday dreams can have contrary meanings depending on the context. To dream of receiving birthday presents may mean happy surprises are coming, or advancement is in order. If you are in your childhood home in the dream, you may be receiving messages about events from your past at a particular age in your childhood that are causing you distress in your adult life. Notice your feelings around the birthday: whether you are alone or at a celebration; whether you are happy or sad; whether you get what you wanted or are disappointed.

All these clues will help you correctly interpret what the birthday symbol means in your dream. The color black in a dream may indicate transformation and canceling out negative energy. It can be a good sign, depending on how you feel toward the black object. The color black can also signify boredom, but the former translation is usually correct. Blood is vital to life. To dream of bleeding suggests a loss of power or a change in matters of the heart. If you dream of having your blood sucked by a vampire or other entity, a partner or friend may be draining you emotionally.

End contact with this person. Blue is a cool color and is associated with the fifth or throat chakra, the place of self-expression.

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If you dream of blue, you may feel the need to communicate with someone about a particular event or situation. A calming and relaxing color, blue makes you think of the oceans and the sky. It is often associated with spirituality and teaching. In some areas blue is associated with improper speech, e.

Like cars, boats in dreams can come in all sizes, shapes, and degrees of power. If you are rowing or sailing your own boat, you feel in control of a situation or transition. Boats traverse water and water in dreams relates to your emotional life.

Anytime you dream you are on a boat you are trying to move through an emotional situation, either in your current life or from the past. If the boat is trying to break through ice, your feelings around the issues are old, frozen, and hard to access. If the boat is navigating through rough seas, you are experiencing emotional ups and downs in your life. If you are in a small boat and cannot get to shore, you feel out of control regarding an emotional issue in your daily life. If you are trying to defuse a bomb, it means you are attempting to get control of your emotional reactions.

Dreaming of a bombshell may mean you are feeling particularly attractive at this point in your life or aspire to that kind of recognition from others. You could also be processing unexpected and surprising news that has upset you. Bones in a dream signify the bottom line — bones are the raw material of a dream. Are the bones scattered? Notice the condition of the bones.

A book in your dream can signify new beginnings or a new chapter in your life.