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Les Vers de la Terre. Sur ma route. Ni bruit ni fureur. Regarde 3. Memento 4.

The Scar of Revolution

Mer du Nord 6. Exils des silex 7. Fille du Nord 8. Lame la lame lame la mer 9. Tranches de porc Mauvais karma Un aller simple pour Roubaix Le jardin Livres de jeunesse Madeleine Un jardin. Sombre ducasse. Je suis debout. Le lapin mystique. Flacons, flasques, fioles Un ouvrage d. Dossier Lucien Suel dans la revue nord'.

Mais toujours, sous les mots qui s'assemblent ici en semblance de la bascule du temps, accumulations noires, et ce sentiment de suspension pro. L'article de Jacques Josse dans Remue-net. Some of them come from Paris to Rouen, and, for four days, the town is at their mercy; 24 the stores are forced open, train waggons are discharged, wheat is wasted, and convents and seminaries are put to ransom; they invade the dwelling of the attorney-general, who has begun proceedings against them, and want to tear him to pieces; they break his mirrors and his furniture, leave the premises laden with booty, and go into the town and its outskirts to pillage the manufactories and break up or burn all the machinery.

The example is contagious: the beginning was the craving for bread, the end is murder and incendiarism; the savagery which is unchained adding its unlimited violence to the limited revolt of necessity. Bad as it is, this savagery might, perhaps, have been overcome, in spite of the dearth and of the brigands; but what renders it irresistible is the belief of its being authorised, and that by those whose duty it is to repress it.

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Here and there words and actions of a brutal frankness break forth, and reveal beyond the sombre present a more threatening future. In the mean time a rumour has circulated all round through the country that there is free entrance into the town for all provisions, and during the following days the peasantry stream in with enormous files of waggons loaded with wine and drawn by several oxen, so that, in spite of the reestablished guard, it is necessary to let them enter all day without paying the dues; it is only on the 7th of July that these can again be collected.

There also the collections are suspended in the name of public authority.

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  7. Losing Consciousness.

Three days afterwards they exact a diminution of one-half of the tax on grinding, and go in quest of the bishop who owns Edition: current; Page: [ 20 ] the mills. Here, again, political novelties are the spark that ignites the mass of gunpowder; everywhere, the uprising of the people takes place on the very day on which the electoral assembly meets; from forty to fifty riots occur in the provinces in less than a fortnight.

Popular imagination, like that of a child, goes straight to its mark; the reforms having been announced, people think them accomplished, and, to make sure of them, steps are at once taken to carry them out; now that we are to have relief, let us relieve ourselves. The principles impressed on the people are that the King desires equality; no more bishops or lords, no more distinctions of rank, no tithes, and no seignorial Edition: current; Page: [ 21 ] privileges.

Thus, these misguided people fancy that they are exercising their rights, and obeying the will of the King. At Arles, the corporation of sailors, presided over by M. But the inconvenience is great; for, through the suppression of the meal-tax, the towns have no longer a revenue; and, on the other hand, as they are obliged to indemnify the butchers and bakers, Toulon, for instance, incurs a debt of 2, livres a day.

In this state of disorder, woe to those who are under suspicion of having contributed, directly or indirectly, to the evils which the people endure! At Toulon a demand is made for the head of the Edition: current; Page: [ 22 ] mayor, who signs the tax-list, and of the keeper of the records; they are trodden under foot, and their houses are ransacked. At Manosque, the Bishop of Sisteron, who is visiting the seminary, is accused of favouring a monopolist; on his way to his carriage, on foot, he is hooted and menaced: he is first pelted with mud, and then with stones.

The consuls in attendance, and the subdelegate who come to his assistance, are mauled and repulsed. Foreigners, Italians, bandits, are mingled with the peasants and artisans, and expressions are heard and acts are seen which indicate a jacquerie. At Brignolles, thirteen houses are pillaged from top to bottom, and thirty others half-pillaged. Seeing them act in this way, one would say that the theory of the Contrat-Social had been instilled into them.

They treat magistrates as domestics, promulgate laws, conduct themselves like sovereigns, exercise public power, and establish, summarily, arbitrarily, and brutally, whatever they think to be in conformity with natural right. One man has wheat; he must share it with him who has none. Another has money; he must give it to him who has not enough to buy bread with. On this principle, at Barjols, they tax the Ursuline nuns 1, livres, carry off fifty loads of wheat from the Chapter, eighteen from one poor artisan, and forty from another, and constrain canons and beneficiaries to give acquittances to their farmers.

Having become the master, he redresses wrongs, and especially those of which he thinks himself the object.

Translations of The Raven - French (franзais)

There must be a general restitution; and first, of the feudal dues which have been collected. They take of M.

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  • A former consul of Brignolles had, in , inflicted penalties to the amount of 1, or 1, francs, which had been given to the poor; this sum is taken from his strong box. Moreover, if consuls and law officers are wrong-doers, the title-deeds, rent-rolls, and other documents by which they do their business are still worse. At Brignolles the owners of the grist-mills are constrained to execute a contract of sale by which they convey their mills to the commune in consideration of 5, francs per annum, payable in ten years without interest—an arrangement which ruins them. On seeing the contract signed the peasants shout and cheer, and so great is their faith in this piece of stamped paper that they at once cause a mass of thanksgiving to be celebrated in the Cordeliers.

    Formidable omens, these!

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    If it prevails, its first work will be to destroy all ancient documents, all title-deeds, rent-rolls, contracts, and claims to which force compels it to submit. By force likewise it will draw up others to its own advantage, and the scribes who do it will be its own deputies and administrators whom it holds in its rude grasp.

    Those who are in high places are not alarmed; they even find that there is some good in the revolt, inasmuch as it compels the Edition: current; Page: [ 25 ] towns to suppress unjust taxation. It is admitted that the people are children, that they err only through ignorance, that faith must be had in their repentance, and, as soon as they return to order, they must be received with paternal effusions. Hence whatever it takes hold of is shattered—not only the local wheels of the provinces, which, if temporarily deranged, may be repaired, but even the mainspring at the centre which puts the rest in motion, and the destruction of which will throw the whole machinery into confusion.

    Paris up to the 14th of July— I. Mob recruits in the environs—Entry of vagabonds—The number of paupers— II. Excitement of the press and of opinion—The people take part— III. Defection of the soldiery— VI.

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    July 13th and 14th— VII. Paris in the hands of the people. Indeed it is in the centre that the convulsive shocks are strongest. Nothing is lacking to aggravate the insurrection—neither the most lively provocations to stimulate it, nor the most numerous bands to carry it out. The environs of Paris all furnish recruits for it; nowhere are there so many miserable wretches, so many of the famished, and so many rebellious beings.

    At Viroflay, thirty women, with a rear guard of men, stop on the main road vehicles which they suppose to be loaded with grain. The peasants destroy the dyke which conducts water to his communal mill; condemned by the parliament to restore it, they declare that not only will they not obey, but that if M.

    For those who are most compromised Paris is the nearest refuge; for the poorest and most exasperated, the door of nomadic life stands wide open.